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The Power of Staging: a case study

I think staging is ESSENTIAL to sell a house (one caveat is if the homeowner has beautifully curated style that looks like staging). I would certainly not put a vacant house on the market without staging (I've only worked with one seller that pushed back on this - and even then, I did do a light stage on my own). There is nothing more uninspiring that a vacant room when looking at listing photos. And no - people do not imagine their own stuff in a house- they need to be shown what it can look like. We are not just selling a house, we are selling a vision for how you could live. We want to ignite delight.

It's HARD when a seller has perfectly nice furniture - but it's not quite the right look to delight the inspire the general public. We need the gorgeous colors, textiles and perfectly styled shelves. We need the room to look it's very best in photos. We need it to feel bright and spacious in real life. The way people live is not always the best way to showcase a home. And I have a wonderful example that really shows the power of staging.

Exhibit A: Home is put on the market in September 2023 for $995,000. Great, large home in a stellar SE location. Absolutely lovely exterior and quite nice interior. Nothing offensive, very tasteful home. Definitely still the owners furnishings, but pared down. Note the wall colors...punchy, but may not be everyone's cup of tea. Look at the photos and note how the amazing windows (arguably one the homes best features) and not really shown to their best advantage.

The price was then dropped to $975,000 in October. Finally, the home was withdrawn from the market in mid-December - presumably for the holidays, sellers moving out, and perhaps some updates.

Exhibit B: She's back on the market in January 2024 priced at $925,000. And she got a gorgeous glow up! It looks like some paint colors were updated, the seller's furniture was removed, and the home was professionally staged. Same kitchen, same light fixtures, same bathrooms. Note how the simple styling really elevates the look. The windows shine without the coverings.

Here's the headline: the sale closed in February 2024 for $1,007,500. Thousands MORE than it was originally listed for! The staging was most certainly paid for (and then some). But the sale closed 5 months later. Interest rates are still high, the weather still not so great. THIS success can be absolutely attributed to the STAGING (and paint). I rest my case.

I work with incredible stagers and I do believe they are true magicians. They create a mood, an aspiration and a DESIRE. They make your home an Instagram darling. But more importantly, your house is likely to sell for more money if it's staged (not to mention more quickly).

If you're curious about how we might work together to sell your home, please do reach out! I LOVE helping sellers prep their homes to list. I can advise on paint colors, simple updates and staging that will elevate your home. I have a cadre of contractor who are ready to help my clients - and I can manage it all on your behalf.

I can't wait to work with you!

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Blix Birkenbeul
Blix Birkenbeul
15 de fev.

Staging is an art form, in my opinion! I would love to learn how to do it. Always so impressed by what a difference it makes.

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