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Savvy Strategy TO SELL Your Home!

Are you obsessed with looking at real estate? It’s always so fun to dream about what life could be like in a different home. Next time you’re looking at listings and clicking on your favorites - ask yourself: what homes are causing me to drool?  Are the photos sharp and bright? Is the home showing off with gorgeous furnishings? Are you seeing the unique details of the home?  Does the copy tell a story that resonates with your aspirations?  Does the home Ignite Delight?

Ultimately, selling a home is similar to selling any other desired item - whether it’s fashion, travel, decor - the goal is to get potential buyers to emote- to feel like “if this was MINE, my life would be AMAZING”.  For me, selling real estate is about inspiration to live your best life. I truly believe that the home is like a member of the family - it needs to fit your style, your lifestyle and make you feel good.  Why not? It’s a place where you likely spend most of your time in your life - so make it a space that delivers joy to you.

This is the point of view I take when I’m working with clients to sell their home.The goal is to evoke a positive, desirable reaction in buyers.  We want to highlight all the best features - while layering on those things that set your home apart from all the others.  Maybe it’s your stellar garden? Maybe it’s the architectural details?  Maybe it’s your incredible bathroom remodel? Perhaps it’s a unique light fixture.  Often it’s a pop of color that makes the photos stand out.

So why work with me to sell your home? I’ll tell you about my savvy selling strategy.


First, it’s important to know that I take a team approach in working with clients. Selling a home is usually the most significant financial asset for a person/couple/family. I like to learn about your primary goals for selling the asset and then create a strategy that aligns with those goals. Most people want to make as much money as possible. If this is the case, I guide clients through ideas to help net the most money. Sometimes the goal is to sell quickly - which takes a different approach. With my guidance, we will create a plan that works best for you given your situation, timing constraints, and goals.


When it comes to selling your home, finding the right real estate agent is like finding the perfect dance partner. Sure, they need to have all the technical know-how and marketing strategies, but it's the intangible connection that truly sets them apart. Building a solid relationship with your agent is like laying a strong foundation for a successful sale. You want someone who understands your goals, listens to your needs, and whom you enjoy being a part of your team. Selling a home is not just about numbers and transactions; it's about trust, communication, and collaboration.

A good fit means having someone in your corner who not only knows the market inside out but also genuinely cares about your success. I always enjoy the relationship aspects of the job so much. The role of a real estate agent can be oddly intimate - and can make all the difference in achieving your selling dreams. A good fit is something I care deeply about - so our initial meeting is not just about the house -but also about determining if this relationship feels good.


Once we decide that the synergy feels right to move forward, we will walk through your home together. This gives me a chance to learn about your favorite aspects of the home, any upgrades and repairs you’ve made - even the things you were hoping to do - but didn’t get around to. I also take note of things that need to be addressed and what could be easily updated to make a high impact for a low cost. Anything I suggest is up to you - but know that working with buyers and sellers on a regular basis gives me unique insights as to what ignites delight. 


Once I know your goals, we’ve decided to work together, and have toured your home, I will put together a set of options for next steps. These will depend on what we’ve discussed, your timing and overall ability to make updates. Typically, there are a couple of ways to approach a sale: from a few very minor tasks to tackling some larger projects. Every now and then the house is good to go as is!  When I provide more than one set of suggestions, I will help quantify how these changes could affect your sales price. Often, a small amount of money spent up front can net a much larger payout when listed.


But Kate - what if we have no time? Or don’t know who to call to make updates?  No problem, I have your back. Not only was I a project manager for 10+ years before I started in Real Estate, but I have been renovating homes for the last several years and have  amazing and affordable contractors for all project types. I am happy to take on the management, scheduling, procuring and anything else involved with Operation Ignite Delight projects we decide to tackle.  Prefer to manage on your own?  That’s fine too. My goal is to always make the process smooth and easy for my clients.


We usually have a price in mind when we embark on getting the home ready to list. The price factors in your needs, any updates we determine are smart choices, your location - and of course, The Market. The Market is constantly shifting based on factors often out of our control. The Market can be fickle - adjusting depending on something as mundane as the weather - to how the Fed's are managing interest rates. When we get closer to our target list date, I will perform a couple of tasks to help us finalize our list price.  First I check in with trusted folks in my office - they may have some insight based on a recent transaction. Next, I take a look at the most recent comps- including sold (actual data), pending (how fast did they get an accepted offer, number of offers?) and active (our current competition).  I also do comp shopping - touring homes on the market (and pending if given permission) to get a sense of how your home fits into the equation. There’s usually a range that feels right - and I prefer to price on the lower side of that range. Why? Because pricing too high can be a nail in a coffin if the house doesn’t get an offer in a timely manner. Pricing lower, gives us a better chance to receive multiple offers.  Also, don’t forget to ask me about pricing on the zeros’ vs the nines. Our goal is to determine the optimal price to meet your goals.


This is the FUN PART! I absolutely love list prep. This is when I get to work with some of my favorite creative professionals: stagers, landscapers, photographers, videographers. There are quite a few people that need to be scheduled in a very coordinated order to prepare your home to go on the market. Firstly, the house must be immaculate (including the windows). Next, I will schedule your required home energy score, a floor plan, staging, photos (and video, if needed).It’s important that we hit our dates on this  - as the people I prefer to hire are very popular and it can be difficult to reschedule.

Seeing your home come to life with beautiful staging and professional imagery is so satisfying! Often sellers are shocked at how incredible their home looks and maybe even question why they are selling, LOL.  


Know that prepping and pricing is all part of the overall marketing strategy. And once your home is on the market - the gorgeous branding of Think Real Estate will be in full force. From a modern sign in the yard to beautifully designed physical flyers - I will make sure your home is presented in her best light from every angle.  Prior to starting a career in real estate, I worked in marketing for many years and have an eye for great design and messaging. Your home will be featured predominantly on social media and various websites. A home that stands out will always capture the attention of my fellow agents, who love to post beautiful listings on their own pages to drum up a potential buyer.


Hopefully we are in a position where offers are flooding in and you have multiple to choose from. The more offers received, the better chance we have to obtain the most favorable terms for your sale. My goal is always to make my clients giddy with joy and appreciation for fulfilling their dreams. If you feel proud of the result, then my delight will be ignited.

Naturally, my communication, negotiation and collaboration skills kick in and we always aim for a smooth transaction where all parties feel amazing with their results:  my sellers get what they need and we have buyers excited to start their next chapter at their new home. 

I enjoy my work immensely. It’s incredible to really get to know people and help them in a material way. If we have fun and some laughs, even better. Ideally we all learn something new when all is said and done and come out on top. And then you will be the one gawking at the internet seeking your next home.  If you’re thinking about selling your home, reach out. Let’s see if we would make a good team!

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