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Kateovation: Hollywood Regency style

Updated: Feb 19

This project was so fun! When I start a project, I conduct inspections to see what needs to be fixed and do a little research about the era for inspiration. A small detail on the fireplace screamed "Hollywood Regency" to me and it fit the I dove into the theme (with a modern twist, of course).


We gutted the lower half of the kitchen - it was too old. The upper cabinets had this lovely curve that I thought was so charming and echoed in other areas of the home too. the black and white floors were popular in the era - and so chic now. We finished the hardwood floors and added a custom "speak easy" bookshelf (bottom half pulls away to become a bar!).


The bathrooms were so fun! The main level had hot pink laminate countertops and accents around the tub. I'd never seen that finish and wanted to keep something so unique. The bathroom was designed around the beige and hot pink tones with a glam vibe. The upstairs bathroom was an explosion of key lime and lemon from the 70's. Th vanity was too damaged, the wallpaper torn and the tile very old - so we started from scratch. I left one yellow light fixture on the ceiling which inspired the wallpaper - and everything else came from that. Definitely a maximalist look!


The bedrooms had some cool built-ins, so we repaired what was broken - but kept most of the original drawers and shelves. The basement had a cute finished room which we updated with black built in bookshelves and new carpet.


All in all, a fabulous project with a lot of personality!

4603 NE Irving St

4 beds/2 baths,

Sold for $682,000

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