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Kateovation: Maximalist Mid-century

This project was a really fun one (and so close to my house, which makes everything easier). The house had a cave-like vibe with lack of windows in the kitchen, dark carpet, and colors. "Let there be light" was my primary goal! Removing all the old carpet, painting everything white, adding a full-lite glass door in the back and creating an opening in the kitchen really worked wonders.


I mean, WOW!! I LOVE the unexpected color palette - chosen from a the Benjamin Moore color of the year group. Added a little fun wallpaper to add personality, because that's what I do.


We gutted the shower, because it was yucky and problematic (and I prefer tile, don't you?). We added wallpaper in the dining nook and showed how it works with built-in bench style seating. And the back addition was just a large storage area, which we cleaned up and presented as an office.


A fresh coat of paint and new roof do WONDERS for a home! And the refnished hardwood floors with addition of a light fixture made the living room really shine. The previous owners had created a covered patio, which we spruced up and opened up for a lovely sun deck.

Really, this home was a treasure! It was so much fun (and a lot of hard work and perhaps a sprinkling of stress) to update this one. It really is so gratifying to take a home in disrepair and ignite the delight!

5316 NE 29th Ave

3 beds/1 bath, 965sf

Sold for $510,000

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Blix Birkenbeul
Blix Birkenbeul
Feb 20

I’m officially obsessed with these stunning before and afters!

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