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My Tony Robbins experience

I attended an all day seminar today with amazing speakers - including Robert Herjavec, Gary Vaynerchuk (in hologram! It looked like he was there walking around on the stage- this was no Princess Leia situation) among other inspiring millionaires - the headliner being Tony Robbins! I've never been to a motivational speakers conference and had no idea what to expect; I feel energized and delighted!

Key takeaways (and no big surprises here - but great reminders) for me:

- Be a source of Joy in your world

- What matters is what's happening NOW - where is the attention NOW (social media slant)

- Self Awareness + Hustle + Empathy = Success

- the 51/49 rule: give more value than you get in return

- Life doesn't happen to you - you Create it!

- There is a massive shortage of female speakers

- Writing a book can be great marketing tool

- Motion creates emotion - easy to change your state of mind through physicality

- Science of Achievement = Focus + Massive Action + Grace

- Success means nothing without fulfillment

It felt amazing to jump up and down and go wild - my heart thumping and my face smiling. The energy in the room with Tony was infectious and I walked out wanting to celebrate! I'm jazzed to try a few new tricks and unleash the full and colorful storm of awesomeness inside me.

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