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Get Rich Slow

So I recently took a continuing education class titled "Get Rich Slow" - hosted by a fellow Sabin parent, friend and trusted lender, Vince Kingston. I left the class literally salivating at the idea of owning rental property. Of course!! There are a few facts I've noticed over my life time:

1. Rents always go up over time

2. Property values always go up over time (even if there are some hiccups!)

But if you're investing with a fixed mortgage - your payments always stay the same (Matthew McConaughey is popping into my head "I get older, they stay the same age"). Alright, alright, alright!

So it becomes rather obvious why this is a good idea. Especially when your tenant is paying your mortgage and you are gaining equity.

If you want to know more - we're hosting a class at Think Real Estate! I'd love to help you on your quest to be a mini tycoon with a secure financial future!

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