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Ravishing in Rose City Park

This listing holds a very special place in my heart! My clients are long time friends who have experience with remodeling (bonus: he's a licensed contractor). They had an opportunity to purchase a dilapidated home from a friend who had been renting it for years. They asked if I could offer some advice...and I offered to provide mentorship throughout the project (as long as they listed with me!). I think we all enjoyed the process and they turned out to be brilliant at designing the house and the quality of the work is impeccable. The house truly is a GEM.

I love how thoughtful the updates are - from refinishing the original floors, to restoreing the turquoise tub/tile and main floor bath cabinets - all such treasures that cannot be replaced. The kitchen was flawed - and so that was gutted and rebuilt with a gorgeous green and white color palette and top notch finishes. Loads of space here - and it's drenched with natural light. We are all so excited to see who will get the opportunity to live here!


1726 NE 65th Ave

4 bedrooms/2 baths

2348 sf


Freshly remodeled!

PS: if YOU have a dream of remodeling a house for resale - but have no idea how to start: let's chat! I love helping people realize their dreams. xo

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