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Kateovation: Riveted in Rose City Park

Updated: Feb 19

This project was really fun! After tackling some big crawlspace issues, a design theme started to emerge that had a serene green theme. There's always something that kicks off the inspiration and this time it was the tile I chose for the kitchen. The Eucalyptus color had the perfect tone for the existing kitchen cabinets. The sleek shape and stacked install brings a modern appeal the late 90's kitchen (which has a fantastic layout!).


From there, I found a deep green vanity for the main bathroom, minty tiles for the primary bathroom, green accent paints for the stairs/hall shelves and really wanted to add a subtle gradient to the exterior in shades of green. The staging did wonders to highlight and enhance these choices.


The kitchen enjoyed cosmetic updates and both baths got a decent overall. We replaced the floors throughout the entire house and of course, painted the full interior. Lights, fixtures and outlets galore - all replaced and spiffed up.


The upstairs really needed some love! It included an odd wall that attempted to create two rooms, old carpet and vinyl floors, and a sketchy railing. I really wanted the railing to become a functional bookcase and open up the entire space. But then we realized part of the wall was covering the chimney! So we pivoted and created a bedroom with a flex space.


The backyard was a bit of a disaster! Overgrown trees/ivy, an old pergola with questionable electric, loads of junk and moss, and hodgepodge steps. Now it's a lovely space to enjoy Portland!


1534 NE 60th Ave

3 bedrooms/2 baths, 1833 sf

Sold for $576,000

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