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Kateovation: MCM, staying true to the era

Updated: Feb 19

As my latest remodeling project gets ready to close - I want to share with you the dozens of professionals I was honored to hire to help me bring my vision to life! I am the director, the composer + risk-taker for my projects. But there's a whole team of talent behind the scenes.

PREP:Special thanks to the amazing people who helped set the stage for getting the project ready:

 -Sean Thompson: he's my #1 inspector and problem sleuther. He helps me create a to do list of all the things that need fixin'.

 -Vicki Simon: she's a design expert and specilizes in vintage design. She helped me determine the big picture color scheme and what to keep/change with original features. Our consultation was invaluable! 

 -Jesse Stemmler: he designed a simple, affordable, modern landscaping schematic that worked with the lines of the house and provided better functionality.

 -All Fuel: they helped me bring two good looking fireplaces with outdated code requirements up to speed so both gas + wood-burning fireplaces are permitted and safe.

 -Xavier Environmental: we did find an oil tank, which was leaking. So these guys cleaned it up, decommissioned and put the ground all back together.

The Work

So much work!  After some of the initial repairs, we tackled more. There was significant leaking in the bathrooms (covered in duct tape!) that affected wood living behind the scenes. So we tore into walls and fixed the innards. We installed new plumbing (and sinks and faucets throughout). I wanted to keep the 1950's vibe - so everything is either vintage or vintage inspired throughout.  My team painted, replaced floors, installed new tile, lighting and more! The hardwood floors were refinished to their original glory. Truly a labor of love here, people.  - Bella Vista is truly my favorite painter! They have worked on every project and are true pros. I like that they often worked at night so all was dry by morning.  - Fir Sure Construction did so much carpentry work - including re-building the cool mid-mod door I found, exterior and interior fixes, trim updates and more.  - Marcos (and Miguel!) was my tiled extraordinaire. He also fixed some issues in the master shower which allowed me to keep some of the original tile.  - Sebastian updated laminate countertops and installed cork + VCT tiles - staying true to the era.  - Dave Loggins (best plumber) re-worked my rough in and installed all the sinks and faucets (made challenging with cast iron sinks with hudee rims).   - Langston Electric is my fave electrician. They added a fan/outlet and light that did not exist in the bathroom! Also changed all my fixtures and made the panel all safe + sound.  - Start2Finish excels in floor refinishing. The amount of work and detail that went into this was incredible.

The Finishing Touch

Finally, once everything is fixed, buffed and renewed, we have the dream team to really bring everything to life:  - Andreas: The yard was an absolute disaster! I had no idea how charming it was underneath all the crazy overgrowth. And the modern pathway and river rocks are lovely.  - Cindy Loggins: She cleans my personal residence and makes my listings shine.  - KJM Window Cleaning is amazing. It was unbelievable to see how beautiful the windows were!  - Rough House: have you seen the staging? It's about as aspirational and gorgeous as it gets. It never looks cookie cutter and always fits the style of the home.  - 22Pages: I haven't used any other photographers except Jillian because she's just so damn good. The pics are always incredibly stunning.

Random thoughts about home renovation: it's a TON of work. Some people think it's as simple as paint and floors - but there really is so much more to it. I personally love the challenges of finding the exact perfect [light fixture, tile, color, flooring, switch plate, etc, etc] thing for the house. I love to hire really nice, talented people and keep that economy rolling.  I love watching expertise merge into a beautiful living space for people. I love the real estating and all that goes into it.

So thank you for your support! I'm always hunting for my next project. xoxo

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