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2024 Decor Design Trends

What are the big home design trends for 2024?  Well we have some really fun categories popping up and I have to say they all intrigue.  I don’t consider myself a trendy person – preferring to decorate in a way that ignites my delight. But I do think it’s fun to frame ideas and mix things up when trends emerge.  It’s also a way to more readily find items because makers and retailers often jump aboard which makes sourcing items easier to do.

So let me break down what I’ve been reading about and seeing pop up on places I like to look for inspiration. I’m fairly certain I have a little bit of all of these going on in my own home.

First up we have the Urban Aunt trend:  Picture a home peppered with cool objects from worldly travels.  Perhaps a plethora of big, leafy plants in stylish ceramics. The colors are deep, rich, saturated. I’m picturing exposed brick, eclectic hardware and interesting medallions around light fixtures.  The Portland style of house I’m associating with the Urban Aunt trend is either a Brownstone, Victorian or Cottage. She’s all about over-sized windows, exposed brick, chilling on the porch as she waves at passersby.

Next we have the Eclectic Grandpa trend. Picture worn-in leather furniture, retro shaped objects, a mix mash of patterns like tweeds, houndstooth + checkerboard. The colors are warm, earthy tones like mustards, olives and spice. I’m seeing hardwood floors (but beat up), original hardware, unpainted wood details, perhaps wood paneling. The Portland style of home I’m imagining is a Craftsman or Ranch. He’s all about the fine craftsman details, the functionality and warmth of the wood.

Finally, for those with a maximalist vibe, we have the Mob Wife trend. You can see the fashion, right? But how it translates to home decor is lux fabrics, leopard prints, faux fur rugs/throws - think nouveau riche. I can visualize a velvet sofa, outrageous light fixtures, oversized art. The house has brass hardware, glossy paint trim, opulent colors and textures. The Portland style of home I envision is Contemporary, Colonial Revival or Mansion. She’s all about the extravagance, the luxury, being unapologetically bold.

I have to say my absolute favorite trend is the Dopamine Decor trend.  The brighter the colors, the better!  Invite whimsy, character, color into the home - all the things that might make you feel good. This one really resonates with me, because I dress, live and consume for the dopamine. Think vases shaped like animals, curved arches painted in fun colors, wall murals, decadent wallpapers, powder-coated light fixtures. The Portland style of home I envision is Italianite, Bungalow or chic Farmhouse.

What about colors?

Every year Pantone (the authority on color for brands, graphic designers, fashion and home design) + paint manufacturers determine the “Color of the Year”. These colors tend to worm their way into wall paint colors, home accessories and furnishings. My research shows 5 major color stories will be prevalent in home décor in 2024.

Bold Hues as Neutrals 

The color trends for 2024 are expected to feature bold hues as neutrals. This is music to my eyes as I have always loved a bolder hue as a neutral in my wardrobe. I tend to shy away from what is typically thought of as a neutral (beige, gray). I like a deep navy as a neutral.

Warm Whites and Brown

Warm whites and earthy tones, particularly brown, are anticipated to be prominent in 2024. Shades such as mushroom brown, taupe, mocha, and espresso are expected to be prevalent, reflecting a trend towards warm, earthy colors.  Brown tone woods have easily made their way into most homes with tables and flooring. I love the idea of pairing these traditional shades with unexpected hues like neon yellow or lavender.  Side note: my all time favorite warm white is Simply White by Benjamin Moore (I use for both my home and all my kateovations).

Adventurous Color Choices

Color trend forecasters predict that people will be more adventurous with their color choices in 2024, with bright pinks, playful aquas, and rich browns leading the charge. Love to hear it!!  If bold walls are too much – have fun with artwork, throw pillows, a vase.  This could be a Mob Wife moment!

Influences from 2024 Colors of the Year

The upcoming paint color trends for 2024 are influenced by the 2024 Colors of the Year, such as Behr's Cracked Pepper and Pantone's Peach Fuzz. Additionally, wine shades, from merlot to burgundy, are expected to be prevalent.  My first reaction to “Peach Fuzz” was ewwwww. Peach reminds me of dowdy 80’s wallpapers and walls.  But when you imagine the shade with warm golds, modern cream accents and rich wines – it really starts to sound appealing.  This combo is feeling Urban Aunt to me.

Diverse Mix of Colors

The color landscape for interior design in 2024 is anticipated to be full of stunning paint shades, offering a diverse mix of colors from various brands, including soft neutrals, deep and dark hues, and brighter shades. This.  ANYTHING GOES!  Have FUN – do not be trapped in the greige realm, it makes for a soulless environment.

These anticipated color trends for 2024 reflect a blend of bold, earthy, and soothing tones, catering to a wide range of design preferences and styles.

Portland Architecture Styles

Are you shopping for a home? Do any of the 2024 Home Design trends inspire your home search? I love that homes have design personas just like people. Some fall neatly into categories and some surprise with a twist on the original. I love to mix eras and trends – creating my own unique mix. 

I’ve been on enough Portland Architectural Walking Tours (these are the BEST) to realize that the Portland Style of home is often a blend of styles that originated elsewhere. For example, the builder of a 1920’s Tudor (which originated in England) may have incorporated a front porch, creating more of a Bungalow vibe (I call this a Tudalow).

Portland builders were having fun pulling traditional styles from the east coast + Europe and putting their own twist on the build. Walking down many inner NE /SE streets in Portland and you’ll see a very wide variety of architectural styles.

This is what makes Portland architecture so unique and special. And just another of the many reasons I love practicing real estate here in Portland: touring the wide variety of homes.

And on that note regarding variety: this is the spice. Trends are fun – you may get a kick out of incorporating some elements in your home or wardrobe. But the secret to a home that truly ignites delight? It’s what turns YOU on. It’s what YOU love. It’s YOUR favorite color. It’s YOUR favorite detail. Your home should be a place that makes you happy to be there. And that transcends any trend, any day (like my urban eclectic mob wife dopamine dining room!).

Always Ignite Your Delight!

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