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2018 Referral Raffle: Staycation!!

I'm LOVING this years referral raffle prize!! Every December, my husband and I do an overnight date downtown and we always stay at the Hotel Vintage. We love it's modern decor, spacious rooms, proximity to everything and wine tasting! You and a guest will enjoy a one night stay (at best available room price) here. And then you can treat yourself to dinner, drinks, lunch or brunch (whichever you fancy) at the scrumptious Imperial restaurant with a $100 gift card - just a stone's throw from the hotel.

Finally, for those who love shopping local - enjoy a $100 gift card to one of my most favorite local boutiques, Shop Adorn (West End location). The shop is oozing with chic!

So how do you gain an entry into this awesome raffle? EASY: simply refer your friends, family + colleagues that are ready to buy or sell real estate in Portland. You can refer as many times as you like - each referral gains an additional entry.

Winner will be drawn in January 2019. Don't live in Portland? Don't despair! We'll find something equally fabulous in your city.

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