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Favorite Locals: Eb + Bean

Interviewing the owner of my favorite frozen yogurt shop is the BEST (and a lovely excuse for an afternoon treat). I've known Elizabeth Nathan, the owner, for several years now (our kids attended the same preschool and now elementary) - so it was fun to learn a few things about her thriving business, Eb + Bean, that I had not known!

When I asked Elizabeth what inspired her to start Eb + Bean - she told me a story about when she was pregnant with Eben ("Eb") 8 years ago. She was craving for-yo and went to a chain place but felt like something was missing. She thought about something better – more “Portland”. She always had an interest in making ice cream and attended pastry school in France with further training in ice cream (this sounds like a dreamy school experience!). With an eye toward business models she had seen in other cities - local, organic and artisanal flavors – the dream of Eb + Bean became a reality.

What do you love most about Eb + Bean

I enjoy being a part of a community and love serving people. I work with such great people and I like leading my team. I worked from home by myself for so many years – that I really love feeling more connected.

This also extends to sourcing – I have made personal relationships with so many of the people who provide ingredients for toppings and yogurt flavors. I’ve found a real win-win for both Eb + Bean and many suppliers because we found a way to use what may have been considered “waste” (like the trimmings from bars and fudges) as toppings. We get a better cost and the suppliers have an unexpected income stream.

Anything exciting to share about the future of Eb + Bean?

Our Division shop has only been open for 3 months (during the winter)! So we’re excited about the warmer months ahead. There are so many new people to reach here in the SE and the area is more tourist driven so we’re looking forward to serving people from all over.

We’re always researching and playing with new flavors – so that’s always an exciting part of our future. Our managers have become more involved in production and had the freedom to create a new non-dairy topping – our coconut whipped cream.

Favorite flavors?

  • Anything caramel is always popular

  • I love the tea-based/more herbal flavors

  • Our uber popular Pip’s raw honey + sea salt donut flavor is coming back soon!

  • Seasonal flavors are always a hit

(New daily flavors are introduced every 2 weeks and non-dairy every month)

Favorite Division places?

  • American Local – amazing hamburgers and I love the roasted carrot salad

  • Musobi – The packaging of their “triangles” is so cute (and tasty).

  • Lauretta Jeans – great for a dessert date – they serve scrumptious pies and have a liquor license!

  • Pinolo – their gelato is the real deal.

  • Xico – love their Monday night chicken meal deal

Heading to Eb + Bean for a treat is a great idea ANY TIME!




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