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Neighborhood Snapshot: Boise

Most people know the Boise neighborhood by it's happening main streets: N Mississippi and N Williams corridor. Both commercial areas have seen explosive growth - especially N Williams in just the last year. The changes in the neighborhood are both exciting and disheartening - I hate to see people displaced.


Median Home Price: $484,900

Price change in last 12 months: 9.98%

Median age of residents: 30

Median income: $57,550


The area is named after Reuben Patrick Boise (pronounced as a single syllable, not the city in Idaho!), who was a Portland school board member in the 1850's. He went on to become a circuit judge and then a member of the Oregon Supreme Court. The neighborhood has a rather sordid history - and I get the heebie jeebies just reading about how awful African Americans were treated in Portland in the early 1900's. The only jobs they were allowed to have was working on the railroad - so they congregated in what was called the Albina neighborhood (which includes N Williams). By 1940 - most of the population of the black community resided there. As war efforts created abundant jobs building ships - people came west in droves - and housing became more scarce (especially for blacks, who were not allowed to buy in "white neighborhoods"). This is how Vanport came to be. When Vanport flooded in 1948, the black population settled near N Williams. You can see for yourself what that looks like now! Housing has continued to be a problem in Portland for decades.


The largest retail corridors in the area include:


Even though we can walk to Alberta Street - me and my family spend a lot of time in Boise! We love riding our bikes down the greenway all summer. Here are the places I just LOVE:

- Barre 3: I am addicted to this workout and aim to go 3-5 times a week. The instructors are incredible and I leave feeling strong and healthy.

- Por Que No: When I crave Mexican Food - this is my #1 spot. The Camerones tacos are next level good. I love the decor and feel like I'm somewhere tropical (just as fun in the snow as a hot summer day).

- Ruby Jewel is my favorite ice cream shop - love the twist on traditional flavors. I'm dying to try their Taco Tuesday treats.

- Ink + Peat: I can lost in this dreamy store - with a lovely scent and eclectic selection of gifts.

- Black Wagon: Simply the coolest, most fly clothes and toys for the young'ns. The owner is an awesome business woman!


A quick search shows only a handful of homes for sale at this moment (and all new construction and over $700K!). That's pretty crazy. The most attractive option is this modern attached 4 bed/4 bath home (includes an ADU). At $925K, this is not an affordable option for most (but renting the ADU could offset the costs). Not much of a yard though....

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