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Family Wine Tasting Excursion

Having lived in the Bay Area for a dozen years, the Napa Valley was a mainstay in my weekend activities. Wine tasting with friends, colleagues, clients - it was all delightful! My best friend lived in Wine Country and hosted the most glorious picking parties. And then?

I gave birth to two amazing little people and moved to Oregon. Wine tasting excursions have been slim to none. Babies at wineries? Wasn't my bag. But last summer we took a risk and headed to Stoller Family Estate with 2 couples, 4 rambunctious boys, and our spirited puppy.

And it was amazing!! The boys and puppy ran off their abundant energy up and down the hills and to the tire swing. Us adults sat at a table overlooking the lovely scenery and kept one eye on the kids and one on our wine. That day there was a BBQ and tasting event - so it was extra fun and easy to feed everyone.

Wine tasting with family is pretty limited to ONE location - but boy was it great and we'll see if we can expand our horizons next season.

It would be nice to STAY overnight and really explore, don't you think? Stay tuned for news about my upcoming referral raffle with details about winning a night away in Oregon Wine Country at an AMAZING house! (squeal!)

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