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Tips for Fall Home Maintenance

Are you marveling at the gorgeous shades of red, orange and yellow of the leaves right now? It's like we're living in an explosion of fall colors. They look so pretty sprinkled on the sidewalks. But they are also wreaking havoc on our gutters!!

Here's a few easy things you can do now to help maintain the longevity (and comfort) of your home and it's systems:

  1. Check windows and seals for leaks or gaps. Reseal them if necessary.

  2. Clean out the gutters. Consider hiring a professional for your safety. One of the #1 reasons we see exterior failures of (soffits, siding, damp foundations) is due to the poorly maintained gutters.

  3. Shut off/drain the exterior hose bibs to help prevent frozen pipes.

  4. Have your furnace serviced for maximum performance and cost efficiency.

  5. Test your smoke & carbon monoxide detectors. Replace the batteries if necessary.

Easy Peasy! Let me know if you need any referrals for service professionals.

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