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New Client Workshop Enthusiasts

Hosting a New Client workshop at Think is a great way to meet potential buyers - and know that they are educated in the nuances of the market - as well as the financing aspects. After meeting this fun couple at the workshop, I was happy to hear from Jay + Alexis when they determined they were ready to pull the housing trigger!! Long time renters, they were eager to buy their own home.

With a great understanding of the process and what they could expect in this sellers market, they were really wonderful to work with. They were open minded - but clear about what they wanted in a home. They were a few dissappointments with rejected offers - but they found their home much sooner than they thought possible!

I'm happy to say that theirs was one of the smoothest trasnactions of 2015. The sellers and their agent were very easy to work with and negotiations were smooth. Closing went exactly as planned and they are happily moved in after a long rent-back period for the sellers.

Congratulations Jay + Alexis! Cheers to many happy years in your sweet home.

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