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Adventures in New Construction!

When Leslie saw the plans for the Trolley Depot in SE Portland, she was ecstatic. Having previously owned a vintage craftsman, she was ready to own a brand new home which required zero work. She got a great deal on the pre-sale and completion was expected in about 30 days.

We were assured that the project was on schedule when my client gave her notice on her Bay Area apartment and made arrangements to move her life to PDX. No sooner than she arrived did we find out that the project would be delayed.

And then delayed again. And again. Some issues were unexpected (like the sewer line repair). Some were a result of builder mistakes and scheduling. But the frustration mounted as my clients had to move into their 2nd AirBnB and thir belongings moved into storage instead of their home.

Thankfully, they kept their sanity througout the process - keeping the end goal in mind. They've settled in nicely and adore their home - the hassles of the summer long forgotten!

Congratulations Leslie + Youngblood!

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