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a bit about me:

Buying or selling a home can be an exciting milestone in your life.  A home is not just where we live - it's an essential part of our lives. I believe that our space affects our joy.  Homes can be cozy or airy.  Designs can be vintage or modern.  Wherever your home falls on the spectrum of attributes - it is a reflection of you and your style and the way you live.  Do you value your space as much as I do?  If so, we'll make a great team.
My goal is to guide clients in their quest to buy or sell a home while managing the process with grace, smarts, passion and authenticity.

Let's see what inspires you!

Ignite Delight

Kate Fulford_Real Estate
Why ignite delight? When I started thinking about what I love to do and WHY, I realized how much I enjoy creating, inviting and igniting delight. Maybe it’s designing a bathroom that wows! Maybe it’s helping folks find a home that has that special sauce they crave. Perhaps it’s meeting and chatting with creatives, makers + shakers that light me up and inspire - people like you!
explore the vibrancy of
Portland through amazing design!

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